Application submission opening:    15 May 2008
Selection process starting:    23 June 2008 (DELAYED)
Deadline to request for an examination:    23 June 2008 (EXTENDED)
Latest deadline for application submission:    15 September 2008
(unless all available positions are filled earlier)
Selection process closing:    30 September 2008
(unless all available positions are filled earlier)
The selection process will start on 23 June 2008, which is also the deadline to request for examination. Each application will normally require several weeks to be processed and the applicant will be notified the acceptance or rejection of the application as soon as the application is assessed and no later than 30 September 2008.
Given the limited number of positions available, early applications are strongly encouraged, especially for those applicants who intend to request financial support. The organisers may decide to close the application submission and the selection process earlier than 15 September 2008 if all available positions are filled.
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